Community Reference

Elkins Lake Mission Statement

Elkins Lake is a supportive and caring community with common interests in recreational and social activities, a desire for exceptional value, and a stable, predictable residential environment. Elkins Lake Recreation Corporation is a 501(c)(4) Social Welfare organization that provides the community with leadership, relevant policies, programs and services to meet these common interests.

Organizational Structure

The Elkins Lake community benefits from a unique structure that maximizes benefits to property owners.  Elkins Lake is member-owned and governed.  There is no management company or corporate profit motive.

Common Property and Club Facilities

All community governance is performed by Elkins Lake property owners, your neighbors!  The Board of Directors develops governing policy, strategic plans, and sets the financial course for the community.

Private Property

A separate Architectural Control Committee is also elected by the property owners.  The A.C.C. reviews and approves construction plans and administers the Elkins Lake deed restrictions that serve to ensure the consistent application of community aesthetic standards.

Public Property

Elkins Lake is fully incorporated into the City of Huntsville.  All Huntsville City services are provided to Elkins Lake properties including, fire, police, garbage, utilities, animal control, and many more.


Although governed by elected, volunteer property owners, the daily matters of the community are managed by professional club administrators and management personnel.